Canada to launch Open Data Portal in 2013

The Government of Canada has unveiled its plan to revamp its Open Data Portal. The new portal is expected to be ready in the spring of 2013.
The plan is for an improved portal housing government-collected data that can be freely downloaded, which would feature significantly improved search capabilities and enhanced interactive tools.
The new content will include a request for feedback on a new Open Government licence that will provide for unrestricted commercial and non-commercial re-use of Government information and is consistent with international best practices.
Canada originally launched the Open Data Portal as a pilot project in March 2011. Since then, around 273,000 datasets from 21 participating agencies have been uploaded to the portal, generating about one million user sessions.
In the meantime, the current portal was re-launched on October 24th, 2012   with new content and links to government applications as well as to provincial and municipal open data portals across Canada.